Waterproof Kids Digital Watch: Alarm, Stopwatch, Calendar

Dayllon Kids Digital Watch is a versatile and reliable timepiece designed for outdoor sports activities. With a 50M waterproof rating, this electronic watch is perfect for kids who love to engage in water-based adventures. It features an alarm clock function, allowing children to set reminders for important activities. The 12/24 H format can be easily switched, making it convenient for kids to read and understand the time. Additionally, the stopwatch feature enables them to time their activities and track their progress. The built-in calendar ensures that kids stay organized and up-to-date with their schedules. Designed for both boys and girls, this wristwatch is a stylish accessory that complements any outfit. With its durable construction and reliable functionality, the Dayllon Kids Digital Watch is the perfect companion for active and adventurous children.

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When it comes to choosing a reliable and durable watch for your kids, the Dayllon Kids Digital Watch Outdoor Sports 50M Waterproof Electronic Watch is a top contender. This watch is not only stylish, but it also offers a range of features that make it perfect for outdoor activities and everyday wear.


The Dayllon Kids Digital Watch offers a variety of features that set it apart from other watches in its category. One of its standout features is its 50M waterproof rating, which means it can withstand water splashes, rain, and even swimming in shallow water. This makes it an ideal watch for kids who love water sports or simply enjoy playing in the rain.

In addition to its waterproof capabilities, this watch also has an alarm clock feature that allows your child to set reminders and wake up on time. Whether it’s a reminder to finish homework or an alarm to wake up in the morning, this watch has got your child covered.

Furthermore, the Dayllon Kids Digital Watch has a 12/24-hour time format, giving your child the option to choose the time display that suits them best. This feature not only helps them learn to read time, but it also allows them to switch between formats as they grow older and their time-telling skills improve.

Another noteworthy feature of this watch is its stopwatch function. This allows your child to time themselves during sports activities or simply use it as a fun tool during playtime. It can also help them develop a sense of time management and improve their performance in various activities.

Additionally, the Dayllon Kids Digital Watch has a calendar function that displays the date and day of the week. This can be particularly helpful for kids who are learning and practicing their calendar skills in school.

Overall, the Dayllon Kids Digital Watch Outdoor Sports 50M Waterproof Electronic Watch is a versatile and reliable timepiece for kids. With its array of features, it not only serves as a stylish accessory but also helps children develop important skills such as time management and calendar awareness. Its durability and waterproof capabilities make it perfect for outdoor activities, ensuring that your child can wear it with confidence in any situation.

Dayllon Kids Digital Watch: Waterproof Sports Watch for Boys and Girls

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Dayllon Kids Digital Watch Outdoor Sports 50M Waterproof Electronic Watches Alarm Clock 12/24 H Stopwatch Calendar Boy Girl Wristwatch

  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Perfect for outdoor sports and activities
  • Features alarm clock function
  • Can display time in both 12 and 24-hour format
  • Includes stopwatch and calendar features
  • Designed for both boys and girls
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Comfortable and adjustable wristband
  • Great gift for kids interested in sports and adventure
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