Stylish and Comfortable Girls’ Sports Bra

The Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra is a comfortable and supportive undergarment designed specifically for active young girls. Made from a soft and breathable cotton fabric, this sports bra offers a stretchy fit that moves with the body during various physical activities. It features a built-up design that provides extra coverage and support, making it suitable for sports and other active pursuits. The bra is designed specifically for girls, with adjustable straps and a flexible band that ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra is an essential addition to any young girl’s wardrobe, offering both style and functionality. Whether for sports, dance, or everyday wear, this bra provides the necessary support and comfort for active girls. So, give your girl the confidence she needs with this high-quality sports bra from Fruit of the Loom.

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Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Support

When it comes to choosing the right sports bra for your active little girl, comfort and support are key. Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra delivers on both fronts, making it an excellent choice for budding athletes. With its soft cotton fabric and stretchy construction, this sports bra provides the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Comfortable and Breathable Fabric

The Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra is made from a premium blend of cotton and spandex. The cotton fabric ensures maximum comfort, allowing your little one to move freely without any discomfort or irritation. The addition of spandex provides the necessary stretch for a snug yet flexible fit. This bra is designed to move with your child’s body, offering unparalleled comfort during any physical activity.

Furthermore, the fabric is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate and keeping your child cool and dry. This feature is especially important during intense workouts or sports activities where excessive sweating is common. The moisture-wicking properties of this sports bra help keep sweat away from the body, preventing any discomfort or chafing.

Additionally, the built-up design of this sports bra provides extra coverage and support. The wider shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly, reducing pressure on the shoulders and ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial for girls who are engaged in high-impact sports like running or gymnastics.

Supportive Design for Active Girls

Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra offers excellent support for active girls. The elastic underband provides a secure and snug fit, preventing any unwanted movement during physical activities. It offers the necessary support to minimize bouncing and discomfort, allowing your child to focus on her performance.

Moreover, this sports bra features a racerback design, which not only enhances support but also allows for a full range of motion. The wide armholes and back design ensure unrestricted movement, making it suitable for various sports and activities. Whether your child is into basketball, soccer, or dance, this sports bra will keep up with her active lifestyle.

Overall, the Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra is a reliable and comfortable choice for young athletes. With its comfortable and breathable fabric, as well as its supportive design, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and support. Invest in this sports bra for your little girl, and she’ll be ready to conquer any physical activity with confidence.

Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Sports Bra with Stretch

The Fruit of the Loom Big Girls’ Cotton Training Bra is designed to provide support for girls during sports activities such as dance and gymnastics. It is made of soft, stretch cotton fabric and has a pullover style for easy wearing. The bra features a wide elastic bottom band and wider straps to ensure a snug fit under clothing. It is made of two-ply, soft cotton fabric for modesty and has a scoop front and back. The bra comes in various solid colors and prints for girls to choose their own style. It is available in sizes 8-10, 10-12, and 12-14. The package dimensions are 13.35 x 7.8 x 2.09 inches and it weighs 8.96 ounces. The item model number is 94022 and it is manufactured by Fruit of the Loom. The bra has a pull-on closure and is machine washable. It is imported and was first available on July 22, 2021.

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List of Features for Fruit of the Loom Girls’ Cotton Built-up Stretch Sports Bra

  • Comfortable and stretchy fabric
  • Designed specifically for girls
  • Wide straps for added support
  • Wire-free construction for maximum comfort
  • Tag-free design to prevent irritation
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Easy to care for and machine washable
  • Perfect for everyday wear or low-impact activities
  • Soft and breathable cotton fabric
  • Provides a secure and comfortable fit
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