Powerful Vornado Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan is a powerful and efficient fan that can circulate air up to 60 feet. With its three speed settings, it provides customizable airflow for any room or space. Whether it’s in the bedroom, home, or office, this fan is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Its compact size makes it easy to place anywhere, and its sleek black design adds a touch of modernity to any decor. The Vornado 573 is a reliable and durable fan that will last for years. With its compact size and powerful airflow, it is the perfect choice for those in need of a reliable cooling solution. So, why suffer in the heat? Get the Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan and enjoy a refreshing breeze wherever you are.

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The Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan: Enhancing Airflow and Comfort

When it comes to creating a comfortable living or working environment, proper airflow is essential. The Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan is a powerful and versatile fan that can efficiently move air in various spaces, including bedrooms, homes, and offices. With its sleek black design and compact size, this fan not only enhances air circulation but also adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Powerful Air Movement at Your Fingertips

The Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan is equipped with three speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow according to your preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a more powerful air movement, this fan has got you covered. With its advanced Vortex technology, it can move air up to an impressive 60 feet, ensuring that the entire room benefits from improved circulation.

Unlike traditional fans that create a direct stream of air, the Vornado 573 disperses air evenly throughout the room, eliminating hot and cold spots. This means that you can enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature without having to constantly adjust the fan’s position. Additionally, this fan operates quietly, allowing you to work, sleep, or relax undisturbed.

Efficiency and Convenience

The Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan not only enhances your comfort but also offers energy efficiency. With its compact design, this fan consumes less energy than larger fans, making it an eco-friendly choice. Moreover, its flat panel design allows you to place it virtually anywhere, taking up minimal space while still delivering powerful airflow.

This fan is also equipped with a multi-directional airflow feature. You can easily tilt the fan’s head up or down to direct the airflow where it is needed the most. Whether you want to cool down your bedroom, home, or office, the Vornado 573 ensures that the air reaches every corner of the room.

Durable and Stylish

With its sleek black finish, the Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to move and transport, while its durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come. This fan is not only a practical investment but also a stylish addition to your living or working space.

In conclusion, the Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for bedrooms, homes, and offices. With its powerful airflow, customizable settings, and compact design, this fan guarantees enhanced comfort and improved airflow throughout the room. Say goodbye to stuffy and uncomfortable spaces and enjoy a refreshing breeze with the Vornado 573.

Vornado 573 Compact Air Circulator Fan – 3 Speeds, Moves Air 60 Feet, Black

The Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator is a black table fan designed for modern style. It is powered by corded electricity and has dimensions of 6.2″D x 10.5″W x 9.8″H. It can be used in various rooms such as the laundry room, kitchen, dorm room, bedroom, living room, home office, playroom, and dining room.

The special features of this fan include air circulation and 3 speeds. It can be mounted as a desk fan, tabletop fan, or freestanding fan. It is controlled by a dial and made of plastic. It has 3 blades and a noise level of 62 dB. The wattage is 48 watts and it has a black finish. It has an air flow capacity of 236 cubic feet per minute and a speed of 2000 RPM. The voltage is 120 volts and it has a control dial switch.

The item weight is 1724 grams and it includes the fan and cord. It is for indoor use only. The model name is CR1-0118-06 and it is ETL certified. The fan is controlled manually and the item weight is 3.8 pounds. The manufacturer is Vornado and the ASIN is B0031R4OB0. It can be shipped within the U.S. and to select countries outside of the U.S. The country of origin is China. The item model number is 573.

The fan has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 5,976 ratings. It is ranked #6,227 in Home & Kitchen and #22 in Table Fans. It is not discontinued and the finish type is black. It can be cleaned with a hand wipe and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Batteries are not required.

In summary, the Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator is a powerful and sleek table fan with multi-directional airflow, deep-pitched blades, and a modern design. It is easy to use and maintain, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Features of the Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan

  • Powerful air circulation with 3 speed settings
  • Moves air up to 60 feet, providing efficient cooling
  • Compact design perfect for bedrooms, homes, and offices
  • Sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to any space
  • Utilizes Vornado’s signature Vortex technology for optimal airflow
  • Quiet operation allows for undisturbed sleep or work
  • Adjustable tilt head to direct airflow where it’s needed most
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a removable grill
  • Energy-efficient design helps save on electricity costs
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
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