That which we are is the address of our website.


We gather the data shown in the comments form, as well as the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help with spam identification when a remark is left on the site.

To check if you are utilizing the Gravatar service, your email address may be hashed, resulting in an anonymous string. Privacy information for the Gravatar service may be found at Your profile image will be shown with your remark when it has been approved.


When posting photographs to the website, keep in mind that doing so may expose your exact position if the image has embedded location data (EXIF GPS). Images hosted on the website can be downloaded and geotagged by site visitors.


You can choose to have your name, email address, and website saved in cookies if you post a comment on our site. You may save them to avoid having to re-enter your information the next time you post a comment. The shelf life of these cookies is 12 months.

When you go to our login page, we’ll use a cookie to remember if your browser is set up to accept cookies. The information stored in this cookie is not linked to anything personally identifiable, and it is deleted immediately upon browser exit.

A number of cookies will be created when you log in; they will be used to remember things like your login details and the customizations you’ve made to the way the site looks. Cookies used for logging in expire after 24 hours, whereas those used for customizing the user interface remain valid for a whole year. If you check the box labeled “Remember Me,” your login information will be saved for 14 days. Logout to clear the login cookies.

There will be another cookie kept in your browser if you go back and make changes to the article or publish it. This cookie contains no personally identifiable information and just provides the ID of the article you have just changed. After one day, its validity will be voided.

Including material from external websites

Embedded material is permitted in articles on this site (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). When a user visits a website that has embedded material, they experience the same functionality as if they themselves had visited the other website.

If you have an account on one of these sites and are signed into it, the site may gather information about you, set cookies on your computer, and embed extra third-party tracking code in the embedded content.

With whom we may share your data

If you need to reset your password, an email will be sent to you with your IP address attached.

Data Retention Period

The remark and associated information will be stored indefinitely if you leave one. This way, any subsequent comments won’t have to be held in a moderation queue, and we may approve them as soon as they’re posted.

We also collect and keep the personal information users supply in their user profile if they want to register on our website. User profiles are completely editable and removable at the user’s discretion (except they cannot change their username). Website administrators also have access to and can make changes to this data.

Information ownership and access rights

The personal information we possess on you, including any data you have submitted to us, can be downloaded in a convenient, machine-readable format if you have an account on our site or have posted comments. We also provide the option to have your personal information deleted at your request. Not included are records which we are required to maintain for reasons of administration, law, or security.

Destination of your data

Messages left by site visitors might be screened for spam with the use of an automated service.